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All students will gain age appropriate and meaningful knowledge of comprehensive wellness in an organic environment that offers opportunity in the physical education and health setting to learn and practice the knowledge continually throughout the day within and outside of the academic setting. The student will be engaged in all daily activities that influences the students wellness (e.g., eating, moving, and activities that influences health.) Students, teachers, and administrators are wellness role models for all students, as we recognize that wellness is equally important for all at Boone. Parents and community play an equally, if not greater, role in the students process of acquiring meaningful knowledge in physical education and health, as the parents and community reinforces the habits that daily shapes the students wellness. Together, we enhance the meaning of wellness, by creating an environment where students take an active role as decision-makers and practitioners of a healthy lifestyle. The physical and health education professionals serve as wellness champions for Boone by coordinate all efforts to enhance wellness for all that encourages all to be active learners of how to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

Acquired knowledge promotes an internal desire to continue to partake in physical activity throughout life, which should promote wellness in regards to the seven dimensions of wellness (i.e., physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and environmental wellness.)  Through enhanced knowledge the students enhance their self-efficacy that should increase the intrinsic motivation to acquire new knowledge, which promotes individual growth in physical education and health. Through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge the student's wisdom grow that guides towards future success within a continually growing society. It is also essential that the student's self-efficacy in physical education and health reaches beyond the realm of wellness, as it will enhance the students future academic and occupational success. Success is measured in the student's personal perspective on self-fulfillment. 

All knowledge is applied in a social setting through social responsibility, as students continuously self-assess their own performance within a collaborative setting to insure success for self and others. Social responsibility cultivates a strong sense for cooperation and collaboration, as the students performs at their personal best for themselves and others.

physical education & Health Mission

All students at Boone Elementary will have success in physical education and health, which provides a safe learning environment with high expectations where student achieve on a globally high level. The students will gaining meaningful knowledge and experiences through authentic assignments and tasks that will develop their decision making and leadership skills in regards to fitness, nutrition, sports, and wellness. The foundation from physical education and health will guide all students to become independently cognizant lifetime practitioners of fitness, nutrition, sports, and wellness that will enhance their future academic and occupational endeavors while living long fulfilled lives.